Writeup for UPFPP webportal

UP Family Planning Portal: www.upfamilyplanning.in

Digital Solution for Efficient Monitoring of Family Planning in UP

Bringing efficiemcy in ‘Data for Decision’ in Family Planning for achieving FP2020

  • A unique Single Window Information System of the Department of Family Welfare and NHM
  • Captures Beneficiary-wise details of all Family Planning related services (FST, NSV, PPIUCD) availed at all Govt. Medical facilities (PHCs, CHCs, UCHCs, District Women Hospital, District Hospital, District Combined Hospitals and Medical Colleges) in the State of U.P.
  • Used to generate facility-wise, technique-wise, performance reports and status reports related to Family Planning Services provided, in just a few clicks.
  • Details of technique -wise trained service providers of family planning services and their performance tracking. Data collected is approved by the facility in-charges and verified at the division and state level. A total of approx.. 2516 active users.
Unique features of the portal are :
  • The dashboard gives a comparative picture of the annual work load Vs Numerical data entered on HMIS and beneficiary-wise data of family planning services on the portal along with comparison to last years data as well.
  • Detailed report of the services on daily/monthly/annually/ last year can be taken for division/district/block.
  • All the data entered by the operator has to be approved by the facility incharges so that the incharges are aware of the data being entered and it is essential for payments to the operators.
  • Automatic validation of the data is done by portal. Every month the portal randomly selects 10% of all the data filled on the portal on a monthly basis which has to be verified by the divisional staff and 1% of this data is verified by the state team to maintain quality of data.
  • The portal automatically tracks data entry by Data entry operators based on which payments of incentive can be done directly to the operators from divisional office.
  • All issues related to the data entry on the portal are handled through an in-built issue tracking system.
  • District wise monthly progress report of family planning services is uploaded on the portal.
Benefits to the State and Beneficiary
  • Aids management in evidence based decision-making and focusing efforts where required.
  • The demographic profile of the beneficiaries helps the state in developing strategies for further planning.
  • In 2018-19 UP FP Portal has captured 5,53,057 beneficiary-wise details of family Planning services.
  • Technique -wise details of 5934 Medical Officers trained in Family Planning Services is available for state divisions and districts.
  • District wise monthly progress report of family planning services are available on the portal.

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