NSV Training and support for promotion of NSV in Uttar Pradesh


State had 4 NSV training centres established at Medical College- KGMU, Lucknow, MLN, Allahabad, LLRM, Meerut & GSVM, Kanpur. These centres were supporting NSV training and being funded mainly from NHM with partial support from SIFPSA.The proposal for NSV centre support and trainings had been put up in 2019-20 PIP but proposal has not been approved by GOI stating high manpower cost, not upto the mark achievement with the mention that 2018-19 was the last year for support to NSV centre from GOI.

Regarding the achievements of the project, only partial completion of trainings had been done in most and only two centres had been able to achieve bare minimum standard of 300 NSV clients. Details of progress of trainings in FY 18-19 & NSV client’s status of last 4 years is as follows:

Trg Target Achievements (18-19)
Induction 64 MOs(16 batches) 32 MOs(9 batches)
Refresher 64 MOs(16 batches ) 26 MOs(8 batches)
District Trainers 72 MOs(18 batches) 19 MOs(6 batches)

The review & evaluation of clinical trainings was conducted at Directorate of FW at state level including state key officials of Directorate, NHM, SIFPSA and TSU under chairmanship of Director General, Family Welfare. It was recommended that all existing 4 NSV training centres may be closed based on performance, High manpower & admin cost. It was further recommended that a cost effective model may be developed to support the identified training centre for addressing the NSV trainings of state.

Based on the recommendations, all the four NSV training centres had been closed on 31.03.19. Proposal for one training centre, selected based on the past performance review, with curtailed manpower developed with component for NSV promotion had been developed and share with Directorate, FW. The proposed NSV model was found cost effective and consent for implementation of NSV project received from KGMU, Lucknow.

Snap shot of proposal as follows:
  • SIFPSA will provide support to NSV centre at Department of Urology, KGMU, Lucknow.
  • Project duration will be for 21 months and will be closed on 31.03. 2021.
  • Training Coordinator and Training Assistant will support project implementation
  • Provision for additional incentives for team involved in NSV procedure (Staff Nurse, OT Assistant & Clerk) and performance based incentives have been made.
  • Trainings: The focus of this project will be to make proficient doctors who had already been trained in NSV. Provision for Induction, Refresher and follow up trainings has been made.
  • IEC material and support will be made through Divisional PM & SIFPSA IEC division

The project will be closed on 31.03.2021.

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