Clinical Family Planning training and support for Promotion of Postpartum & Post Abortion Family Planning Services in state


SIFPSA is facilitating various clinical trainings for capacity building of doctors and paramedics in various techniques. In last three years, with the support of SIFPSA under’ Comprehensive Family planning training and support’ project, training centres have been established/supported in 33 districts at 33 DWH/DH and 2 medical colleges known as Hausala training centres ( HTCs) and a total of 3500 MOs & 6500 SN/ANMs have been trained in various Family planning techniques at 35 HTCs. The project ended on 31st March,2019.

The review of clinical trainings has been conducted at Directorate, FW at state level including state key officials of Directorate, FW, NHM,SIFPSA and TSU under chairmanship of Director General, Family Welfare. It has been agreed upon that state’s focus will be more on Postpartum Family planning & Post abortion Family planning in forthcoming years. Review conducted of 35 HTCs progress and based on the performance analysis of 35 HTCs, 6 Hausala Training centres – VAB Mahila Chikitsalya, Lucknow DWH-Agra, Prayagraj, Jhansi, Varanasi & Obs & Gynae, KGMU, Lucknow have been recommended for continuation with SIFPSA support for atleast two years and closure of remaining 29 HTCs. Further, Directorate, FW requested support in District Mentoring & performance tracking for increased coverage and pool of service providers for family planning techniques.

Based on the above recommendations, SIFPSA has provided support in the form of above cited project, with following objectives
  • Promotion of PPFP and PAFP in state
  • To support 6 HTCs for implementation of various FP trainings
  • To strengthen the system of FP review

Duration: Two years

Snap shots of proposed activities:
  • Project will be focused on capacity building of doctors including contractual and regular doctors posted at rural & urban centres for expansion of service providers pool in various Family Planning Technique . Private sector doctors will also be trained in these technique with appropriate training fee.( as per the previous training fee norms) A total of >300 Doctors are expected to be trained in year-1 of the project.
  • To address the Postpartum FP, besides ongoing PPIUCD, efforts will be to initiate Postpartum Minilap at select three HTCs; KGMU, DWH VAB,Lucknow & Jhansi in year-1 with gradual expansion in rest HTCs in year-2.
  • Technical update of select doctors of 75 districts and all facility staff of 6 HTCs in PPFP & PAFP will be conducted
  • Regular review of Family planning at State & divisional level with district officials and trained service providers. Another effort area will be to shift the curve of nonperforming surgeons to performing with the help of district officials by active engagement in camps, refresher and follow up trainings.

The project will be reviewed by the end of year and according midcourse corrections will be made for year-2 which would be last year of the project.

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