UP Population Policy

Uttar Pradesh (UP) is the most populous state in India, with an estimated population of about 170 million as of March 2000 and a land area of 294,411 sq. km. One-sixth of the world’s population lives in India and one-sixth of India’s population lives in UP. Only three other countries of the world, China, the United States and Indonesia have populations larger than that of UP.

Fertility and Mortality
Contraceptive Use
Maternal Child Health Care
Regional Differences
Need for a Population Policy
Policy Objectives
The Mission
Age at Marriage
Reduction in Fertility
Reduction in Maternal Mortality
Reduction in Infant and Under-Five Mortality
Regional-Level Objectives
Strategies to Improve RCH Services
Strategies for Community Involvement
Strategies to Involve Private Sector
Strategies to Improve Access to and Quality of RCH Services
Strategies to Improve Service Delivery Systems
Policy Implementation
New Structures
State Population and Development Commission
Committee For Population Stabilization
Reproductive and Child Health Mission
District-Level Societies
Monitoring Systems
Additional Resources