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Library is also subscribing IP based online version of reputed international periodicals. These can be accessed within SIFPSA network. Few of these periodicals are:

  • Indian Pediatrics
  • Journal of Health Management
  • The Lancet
  • Reproductive Health Matters
  • Studies in Family Planning
  • WHO Bulletin
  • Economist

Indian Pediatrics (IP), the official publication of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP), is indexed by leading international services including Index Medicus. It is published monthly and has a current circulation of about 23,000. The journal gives priority to reports of outstanding clinical and experimental work as well as important contributions related to common and topical problems in India and the developing countries. Click here for details

Journal of Health Management is designed as a forum for exploring major issues of health policy and health management (including population and family welfare) in developing countries with a view to assisting the better implementation of desired changes. It caters to the needs of health policy-makers, health managers, reflective practitioners and action-oriented researchers. Click here for details

The Lancet is the world's leading independent general medical journal. The journal's coverage is international in focus and extends to all aspects of human health. The Lancet is published weekly by Elsevier. It aims to publish the best original primary research papers, and review articles of the highest standard. The Lancet is stringently edited and peer-reviewed to ensure the scientific merit and clinical relevance of its diverse content. Drawing on an international network of advisers and contributors, the Lancet meets the needs of physicians by adding to their clinical knowledge and alerting them to current issues affecting the practise of medicine worldwide. The blend of challenging editorials, signed commentaries, original research, commissioned reviews, an international news section, and the views of readers in the letters pages make the Lancet an essential weekly read for physicians all over the world. Click here for details

Reproductive Health Matters is a twice-yearly peer-reviewed international journal and aims to promote laws, policies, research and services that meet women's reproductive health needs, examine experiences, values, information and issues from the point of view of the women whose lives are affected, explore the multifaceted nature of problems and their solutions and inspire new thinking and action and new forms of consensus in the field. Each issue of Reproductive Health Matters concentrates on a specific theme and has papers on other timely topics and a round-up of information from the published literature. Click here for details

Studies in Family Planning is concerned with all aspects of reproductive health, fertility regulation, and family planning programs in both developing and developed countries. Each issue contains original research articles, reports, a commentary, book reviews, and a data section with findings for individual countries from the Demographic and Health Surveys. It is published quarterly by Blackwell Publishing on behalf of Population Council. Click here for details

SIFPSA Library is subscribing Bulletin of the World Health Organization. The Bulletin is one of the world's leading public health journals. It is a peer-reviewed monthly journal with a special focus on developing countries, giving it unrivalled global scope and authority. The Bulletin is one of the top 10 public and environmental health journals. It is essential reading for all public health decision-makers and researchers who require its special blend of research, well-informed opinion and news. Click here for details

The Economist is an English-language weekly news and international affairs publication. The primary focus is world news, politics and business, but it also runs regular sections on science and technology as well as books and the arts. The audio edition of Economist has also been launched which contains word-for-word recordings of all articles published in The Economist, read by professional broadcasters and actors. It is ideal for anyone who wants to listen to articles while travelling, exercising or just relaxing. Click here for details

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