Policy Objectives : Reduction In Fertility

To reduce total fertility rate from 4.3 in 1997 to 2.6 in 2011 and further to replacement level fertility of 2.1 in 2016 with the following specific objectives:

  • Increase use of modern contraceptive methods from 22 percent in 1998-99 to 46 percent in 2011 and to 52 percent in 2016 by improving the demand, quality and access dimensions of the family planning programme
  • Substantially reduce unmet need for both spacing and terminal method use from 56 percent in 1998-99 to 20 percent in 2011 and to 10 percent in 2016
  • Increase the average age of the mother at the birth of her first child from the current 18 years to 20 years by 2011 and to 21 years by 2016 by promoting spacing method use among newly married couples
  • Encourage all couples with unmet need to use terminal or spacing methods based on their choice, and to substantially reduce the current unmet need, increase the number of new users of sterilization services to at least 10 lakh couples and provide spacing services to 30 lakh couples per year by the year 2005
  • Develop region-specific strategies and service delivery systems for each of the five regions of UP

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