Introduction : Need for a Population Policy

If the current fertility trends continue, the population of UP will be 216 million in 2011, 325 million in 2031, and 441 million in 2051 (PFI). In five decades, the population will increase by 270 million. The density of the population will increase from the current 578 persons per sq. km. to 1,498 persons in 2051—almost a three-fold increase. About 10 districts in UP would have more than 10 million people and another 18 districts will have more than 6 million.

This huge increase in population will exert enormous pressure on natural resources and has the potential to frustrate all attempts to improve the quality of life of the people and to achieve sustainable development. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop people-friendly policies and strategies, to mobilize all possible resources in all sectors, and to energize the systems to reach replacement-level fertility by 2016 and to attain population stabilization as soon as possible thereafter.

The Population Policy looks at the issues related to population stabilization in a holistic, open and transparent manner. Population stabilization cannot be achieved without addressing the health issues related to women and children. The status of women, gender equity, literacy, reduction of infant and maternal mortality, improved health and nutrition status of mothers and children have long been recognized as key determinants of fertility behaviour and are the central issues of population policy.

To achieve replacement-level fertility, all development departments have to work in cohesion, and the synergy generated will not only help population stabilization efforts but also the objectives of various departments working to improve the quality of life of the people of UP. recognizes and addresses these regional variations.

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