From the Executive Director’s desk….
The State Innovations in Family Planning Services Agency (SIFPSA) is a joint endeavour of the Government of India, USAID and Government of Uttar Pradesh under Indo-US bilateral agreement that provided basis for establishment of the organisation. The organisation was registered in 1994 and become operational to implement Innovation in Family Planning Services Project (IFPS) with the objective to increase access, improve demand and expand choices of family planning services in the State of Uttar Pradesh. Later, Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) services were added to its mandate as per the outcomes of the ICPD declaration.

In due course of time, SIFPSA has championed itself in NGO interventions, Decentralised planning, Public sector strengthening, IEC, trainings and other facets of programme management on a wider scale. Additionally, innovative interventions for community participation, quality assurance, mass media campaign, private sector involvement, health financing were also carried out. SIFPSA is perhaps the only organisation that has received its grants on achievement of pre decided process and impact benchmarks under Performance Based Disbursement (PBD) system.
Meanwhile, Government of India recognised the strengths of SIFPSA in decentralised planning and project management capabilities and funded 7 DAPs under its EAG scheme and also identified SIFPSA as Regional Resource Centre (RRC) under the MNGO scheme. Further, SIFPSA has been extending technical support to UP-NRHM for developing PIPs, decentralised planning and programme management.
Towards the end of the last decade it has been realised that SIFPSA should explore new avenues to capitalize on its institutional knowledge repository and technical skills gained in due course of project management. At the same time, overall vista of health programme funding and management has also undergone a drastic transformation from its conventional set of operations all across the government and its allied systems. As a result, emergence of new needs are noticeable especially in the areas of technical assistance for designing of projects /campaigns and its related aspect like, MIS, trainings, IEC etc. Moreover, it was felt that SIFPSA should also have a business development plan and focuse on organisation branding, networking with national and international organisation for mutual cooperation, developing linkages with the corporate sector and build rapport in a new avatar with Government of Uttar Pradesh, Government of India and with other state governments as well.
Understanding the wider objective of SIFPSA and requirements of the state, a transition plan for SIFPSA was developed in consultations with key stakeholders such as Government of India, Government of Uttar Pradesh and USAID. The efforts were made in such a way that transition plan reflects experience repository and programme management expertise of SIFPSA in providing technical assistance to similar organisations including the Government. Based on regular deliberations with the stakeholders, an exhaustive plan has been developed incorporating the present programme requirements. The plan is endorsed by the Government of India and the Governing body of SIFPSA headed by the Chief Secretary, GoUP.
Further, I am glad to inform that Government of Uttar Pradesh has recognised SIFPSA as State Technical Support Unit (STSU) for Uttar Pradesh. Moreover, a business development team has also been enacted within SIFPSA to take forward the key Organizational strengths. I would also like to add that SIFPSA is now ready for collaboration with national and international organisations for scaling up the activities related to population and development at large and specifically for promoting family planning and RCH services. I assure that SIFPSA will continually strive for excellence to take on the increasing challenges of the health and development sector
I wish that this website will introduce you well with the glory and expertise of SIFPSA that can be utilised for furtherance of the objectives of social development and make the way forward for making family life healthier and happier.

Amit Kumar Ghosh, IAS
Executive Director, SIFPSA